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Want to know when your phone has finished charging? A notification usually pops up, but you might want to know even if you’re not looking at your phone. Well, here’s how to include that charging alarm whether your phone is an iPhone or Android.

Siri does not offer the voice notification that the battery is fully charged, so it is essential to make use of another app. We can use an application from Apple itself: Shortcuts. If you did not already have it downloaded, you will have to access its installation: it is free and allows you to create infinite schedules, alerts and settings for your iPhone.

Once you have finished the automation Siri will alert you every time the iPhone completes its charge (or reaches the percentage you set). The alert sounds whether the phone is locked or not, but it must have the sound activated. If you put the iPhone on silent, or do not disturb, the alert will not be heard.

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One UI 4 is one of the culprits, an interface that offers a huge amount of options and an incredible customization system. And it’s capable of being enhanced by the installation of custom icons.

In the image above you see two different icon packs with wallpapers selected for the occasion. As you can see, you will have to make sure that there is no application without icon, something that can happen in some packs.

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As indicated in Android Police, this feature was released in One UI 3.1.1., ie in Samsung phones with Android 11. The problem is that this version was exclusive to the foldable ones. In the other models, which are the most common, we need One UI 4, that is, Android 12.

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